Monster Mash Mimosa

Monster Mash Mimosa

Posted: October 13, 2023
Category: Halloween



Rim each cocktail glass with some colorful themed sprinkles. Pour 1/2 ounce of melon liqueur into glass, top off with sparkling wine and add a dash of green edible glitter.


Behold the Monster Mash Mimosa, a ghoulishly delightful elixir designed to bewitch and intrigue, perfect for conjuring the spirits of Halloween. This eerie libation is a wicked twist on the classic mimosa, guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.

At its core, the Monster Mash Mimosa features the mesmerizing melon liqueur, casting an eerie green glow that beckons the supernatural. Its lush and mysterious sweetness tantalizes the palate, evoking the flavors of an enchanted orchard.

To lend an extra layer of enchantment, a generous pour of sparkling wine joins the cauldron, effervescent and spellbinding, like a potion brewing in the dark of the night. The bubbles rise like ghostly apparitions, bringing this otherworldly concoction to life.

But the magic truly unfolds with a dash of green edible glitter, turning the concoction into a shimmering enchantment. The glitter swirls within the drink like fairy dust, creating an entrancing spectacle that is both mesmerizing and spooky.

Garnished with a twist of lime or a slice of eerie fruit, the Monster Mash Mimosa is the perfect choice for a Halloween gathering, inviting your guests to partake in this spellbinding concoction. As you sip, you'll taste the supernatural sweetness and sparkle with delight. It's an elixir that captures the essence of Halloween and leaves you entranced, embracing the spooky spirit of the season. Beware, for this drink holds the magic to cast a spell on your night.