Zombie Brain Shot

Zombie Brain Shot

Posted: October 5, 2023
Category: Halloween



Pour the Peach Schnapps to halfway fill the shot glass, then gently add the Bailys Irish Cream on top. (It should float). Then add the grenadine a dash at a time to create this creepy shot.


Beneath the eerie glow of dimly lit candles, prepare to descend into the macabre realm of mixology with the Zombie Brain Shot, a spine-chilling elixir that defies the boundaries of the living. This ghoulish potion blends together enigmatic liqueurs and a touch of the supernatural to create a shot that's both horrifying and irresistible.

As you gaze upon this unsettling concoction, you'll be met with a sinister sight. A viscous, iridescent green liquid forms the base, mimicking the eerie glow of toxic waste from a post-apocalyptic nightmare.

The Zombie Brain Shot teases your senses with a beguiling combination of melon liqueur, Irish cream, and a dash of grenadine. The melon liqueur's unnatural hue conceals its supernatural sweetness, while the Irish cream curdles upon contact, creating an unsettling brain-like texture that clings to the glass.

With a shiver-inducing aroma of melon and the faintest hint of nutty sweetness, this shot lures you into a world where the undead roam freely.

Prepare to be entranced by the Zombie Brain Shot—a disturbingly delectable potion that plays tricks on your senses and transports you to the eerie crossroads of horror and indulgence. Consume it if you dare, but beware the lingering sensation of otherworldly spookiness that may haunt your every sip.