Death In The Afternoon

Death In The Afternoon

Posted: October 5, 2023
Category: Halloween



  1. Pour the absinthe and simple syrup into a cocktail glass. Top it off with the sparkling wine.


In the shadowy corners of mixology, where the macabre meets the mysterious, lies a sinister elixir known as the Death in the Afternoon cocktail. This eerie libation beckons with a foreboding allure, promising an unsettling experience that lingers long after the final sip. With its history shrouded in dark associations and an enigmatic blend of ingredients, the Death in the Afternoon cocktail is a bewitching concoction that invites you to explore the depths of the unknown. Join us as we embark on a chilling journey, delving into the grim history, ominous ingredients, preparation, and the eerie ambiance it conjures.

A Shadowy Past

The Death in the Afternoon cocktail derives its ominous name from the title of Ernest Hemingway's 1932 book, in which he detailed the preparation of this eerie elixir. Hemingway was a frequent patron of Harry's Bar in Paris, where this cocktail was allegedly created. The book suggests that this eerie cocktail was a favorite among bohemian artists, writers, and the likes of Hemingway himself during the 1920s and 1930s.

The cocktail's name is derived from the nickname for the public spectacle of bullfighting in Spain, where death and artistry intertwine in a dance of fate. The cocktail itself is said to evoke the adrenaline, danger, and mystique of the bullfight, making it a favorite among those who sought thrills beyond the ordinary.

The Ominous Ingredients

The Death in the Afternoon cocktail's eerie charm lies in its minimalist yet potent combination of ingredients, each contributing to its enigmatic character. Here are the key components that give this sinister concoction its haunting allure:

  1. Absinthe: The core of this ominous libation is the notorious absinthe, a once-banned spirit known for its anise flavor and rumored hallucinogenic properties.
  2. Brut Champagne: To counter the intensity of the absinthe, Brut Champagne, dry and effervescent, adds a touch of elegance and balance.

An Ominous Ambiance

The Death in the Afternoon cocktail is more than a drink; it's a summoning, an invocation of shadowy forces and the foreboding allure of the unknown. As you raise the glass to your lips, the absinthe's anise essence weaves a sinister tale on your palate, while the Brut Champagne's effervescence adds a haunting elegance. The drink is like a journey through the dark corridors of the soul, an exploration of the enigmatic, and a communion with the spectral. The Death in the Afternoon cocktail conjures an eerie ambiance, making it the perfect libation for those who seek to embrace the sinister and the supernatural.

The Death in the Afternoon cocktail stands as a testament to the fascination with the eerie and the mysterious in the world of mixology. Its dark associations, ominous ingredients, and haunting ambiance make it an elixir that lures you into the shadows. Whether you sip it in contemplative solitude or share it with fellow seekers of the enigmatic, the Death in the Afternoon is a chilling and intoxicating experience that leaves an indelible mark on the soul. So, raise your glass to this spectral sip, for in the world of cocktails, the Death in the Afternoon reigns supreme as a haunting elixir of the unknown. Cheers to the ominous!