Earl Grey Tea Cocktail

Earl Grey Tea Cocktail

Posted: October 3, 2023



Brew 4 cups of Earl Grey Tea. Store in refrigerator to keep cold. Make a batch of honey syrup. **honey syrup: 5 cups water, 1 cup honey. Bring to a simmer until honey has dissolved, then cool in the fridge. Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with 2 sprigs lavender and ice. Shake, then strain into glass over one large ice cube. Garnish with lavender.


Enter a world of refined sophistication with the Earl Grey Tea Cocktail, a beverage that seamlessly melds the classic charm of Earl Grey tea with the bold character of gin, complemented by the delicate allure of lavender and a zesty twist of lemon. This exquisite libation is a testament to the art of mixology, where tradition and innovation harmoniously coexist.

At its heart, the Earl Grey Tea Cocktail pays homage to the beloved British tea tradition. Earl Grey tea, known for its fragrant blend of black tea leaves and bergamot orange, lends a graceful depth of flavor that serves as the foundation of this cocktail.

Gin, with its botanical complexity, adds a spirited dimension, echoing the herbal notes found within the tea itself. Lavender, with its floral elegance, introduces a subtle sweetness and a fragrant bouquet that complements the citrusy essence of the tea.

Freshly squeezed lemon juice imparts a lively zing, elevating the cocktail's aroma and brightness.

Served in a chilled coupe glass and garnished with a twist of lemon or a sprig of fresh lavender, the Earl Grey Tea Cocktail is a visual and sensory masterpiece. Each sip is a journey through layers of flavor, from the tea's comforting familiarity to the herbal intrigue of lavender, all tied together by the bright and citrusy embrace of lemon.

This cocktail is more than just a drink; it's a sensorial adventure, a tribute to the timeless elegance of Earl Grey tea and the boundless creativity of mixology. Raise your glass and savor the Earl Grey Tea Cocktail—a symphony of botanical bliss and citrusy delight.