Irish Slammer

Irish Slammer

Posted: March 4, 2024
Category: Shots - Saint Patrick's Day



  1. Pour Guinness into a tall glass, with room for the drop shot
  2. Pour the Irish Whiskey and Irish Cream into a shot glass
  3. Drop the shot into the Guinness and drink immediately as the Irish Cream will curdle if left sitting


The Irish Slammer is a spirited concoction that embodies the lively essence of Irish revelry. In a single glass, it harmonizes the robust warmth of Irish whiskey with the effervescent fizz of ginger ale. As the whiskey and ginger ale collide, they create a symphony of flavor that dances on the tongue, awakening the senses with every sip. But the true magic of the Irish Slammer lies in its finishing touch—a splash of zesty lime juice that adds a refreshing citrus twist, elevating the drink to new heights of enjoyment. With each indulgent sip, the Irish Slammer invites you to join in its celebration of Irish heritage and joviality, making it a favorite libation for merry gatherings and festive occasions.