Jerry Lee Special

Jerry Lee Special

Posted: August 26, 2023



Shake juice and liqueur with ice, serve in a rocks glass, add bitters, light stir


The Jerry Lee cocktail is a lively and spirited drink that pays homage to the energetic persona of rock and roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis. Just as the artist's music is known for its dynamic and electrifying qualities, this cocktail captures that same vibrancy in its flavors and presentation.

The Jerry Lee cocktail typically combines bold and contrasting ingredients to create a memorable taste experience. Often based on whiskey, this cocktail exudes a robust foundation. It's then elevated with elements such as tart lemon juice or zesty orange liqueur, adding a tangy kick that mirrors the artist's piano-playing style.

The cocktail's fiery character might also come from a touch of spicy ginger beer or a dash of bitters, providing a rhythmic balance between sweet, sour, and spice. This medley of flavors creates a harmonious union that resonates with the spirit of rock and roll rebellion.

To enjoy a Jerry Lee cocktail is to revel in a symphony of tastes that echo the legendary artist's passion and liveliness. Whether you're sipping one at a music-themed bar, during a celebratory event, or simply in honor of Jerry Lee Lewis himself, this cocktail is a spirited tribute to a musical icon that never fails to ignite the senses.