Apple Cider Margarita v2

Apple Cider Margarita v2

Posted: November 19, 2023
Category: Fall



  1. Add lime juice, Cointreau, tequila, and apple cider to a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake until combined, about 15 seconds.
  2. Rim glass with cinnamon sugar by running a lime wedge around the outer lip of your coupe glass. Slowly dip the rim into a wide bowl or plate filled with cinnamon sugar.
  3. Strain shaker into glass. Garnish with cinnamon sticks and apple slices


Indulge in the warmth of the season with our Apple Cider Margarita, a tantalizing fusion of autumn's bounty and classic cocktail elegance. Crafted with precision, this delightful concoction marries the robust flavor of tequila with the crisp, sweet notes of freshly pressed apple cider. Each sip is a journey through orchard-fresh apples, expertly balanced with the citrusy embrace of lime juice, creating a symphony of sweet and tart sensations.

To enhance the experience, the glass is adorned with a cinnamon-sugar rim, offering a comforting, spiced touch that complements the seasonal charm. The fragrance alone is a prelude to the sensory delight that follows—a fragrant blend of tequila's spirit, orchard aromas, and the hint of cinnamon.

Whether enjoyed fireside on a chilly evening or as the star of your festive gatherings, the Apple Cider Margarita is more than a drink; it's an invitation to celebrate the flavors of fall. With its amber hue and a perfect balance of autumnal spices, this cocktail captures the essence of the season, making every sip a journey through the orchards of harvest delights. Cheers to the warmth, cheer, and spirited elegance of the Apple Cider Margarita!