Posted: October 26, 2023
Category: Fall



  1. Put liquid ingredients into a chilled glass and stir
  2. Sprinkle nutmeg over the top of the drink
  3. Garnish with Pear slice


The Jubilee is an enchanting autumn elixir that harmoniously marries the velvety richness of red wine with the crisp, clean notes of vodka, all while embracing the delicate sweetness of peach liqueur and maple syrup, topped off with the effervescence of seltzer. This sophisticated cocktail is a celebration of fall's splendor and the perfect embodiment of seasonal indulgence.

With the first sip of the Jubilee, you'll experience a delightful symphony of flavors. The red wine adds depth and complexity, offering an oaky backdrop to the drink's profile, while the vodka brings a clean, refreshing touch. The peach liqueur introduces a hint of orchard sweetness, and the maple syrup gently bridges the gap between the sweet and the savory, evoking memories of autumn's cozy comforts.

The garnish of a delicate pear slice and grated nutmeg not only enhances the cocktail's visual appeal but also introduces an enticing aroma and a layer of complexity to the taste. The Jubilee is a sophisticated choice for fall evenings, whether you're hosting an elegant dinner party or simply seeking a moment of respite to savor the season.

This autumn-inspired libation is a true Jubilee for the senses, a toast to the vibrant colors and rich flavors that define this magical season. Indulge in the Jubilee and let the warmth of fall embrace you with each exquisite sip.