Autumn Rickey

Autumn Rickey

Posted: October 24, 2023
Category: Fall



Fill a highball glass with ice and two lime wheels. Add Maple syrup, lime juice and bourbon then top off with club soda. stir to combine.


Introducing the Autumn Rickey, a seasonal concoction that captures the spirit of fall in every sip. This refreshing and vibrant drink blends the robust warmth of bourbon with the zesty brightness of fresh lime juice, all harmonized by the subtle sweetness of maple syrup and a fizzy finish of club soda.

With the first taste of the Autumn Rickey, you'll experience a delightful contrast between the bold, earthy notes of bourbon and the zingy, citrusy tang of lime juice. The maple syrup adds a gentle touch of autumn's sweetness, evoking memories of crisp apple orchards and amber-hued leaves. As the club soda effervesces, it lightens the cocktail, creating a lively, effervescent dance of flavors on your palate.

This drink is the perfect choice for transitioning from the warm days of late summer into the cozy embrace of fall. It's an ideal accompaniment for crisp outdoor gatherings or simply to unwind indoors with friends and loved ones.

The Autumn Rickey is the embodiment of autumn's vibrant colors and crisp air, a testament to the beauty of this enchanting season. Raise a glass and let the flavors of fall wash over you with each delightful sip.